About Us

Musical Loft

Musical Loft was formed in 2019 and officially formed in 2023 with a vision to offer Indian classical music and International standard education in Western Music in India. Academy works to promote cross-cultural musical dialogue and exchange, especially between contemporary and more traditional styles of music through its diverse faculty. Currently over 200 students learning online.

Each faculty members are specialists at their particular subject. Every student has a different learning curve, goals and aptitude, especially with an art form like music.

Musical Loft came into existence out of a need for quality music education. The quality of teaching we provide has been in the forefront of our evolution over the years. The academy targets on performance, knowledge, skill and qualifications. The academy is open to learners at all levels and ages. Whether the goal is academic, professional, or hobby, our music educators inspire and help you achieve your musical aspirations.


The mission of the Academy is to help students develop a lifelong appreciation for music along with gaining musical knowledge and experience that would truly enable them to achieve their musical aspirations, be it professional or hobby. Performance, mandatory theory lessons and International Music Exams pave the way to a well-rounded musical development at the Academy.


It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do. That’s why we committed to help more people everyday. To introduce and guide them to a new dimension of life, that is music. As it can both be therapeutic and intellectual challenging resulting in higher aptitudes within people.

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